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Mark Nelson - team leader
Hailing from Balclutha in the deep south and the proud father of 4 boys, Mark started his media career in radio in 1990 at the age of 20, becoming the country's top selling radio executive for almost 2 decades. As Mediaworks top rep he looked after TV, Radio and digital for many of NZ's top Corporate brands and clients. In 2018 Mark put all his focus into Fresh Media and his passion now lies in creating compelling content, connecting clients and building reach across multi-platforms through collaboration.

Mark Nelson

Ranitea Sing
Originally from Tahiti, Rani has been working on her Kiwi accent for over a decade – and still sounds ‘fresh’. Luckily for her, this wasn’t a prerequisite for working at Fresh and her background in E-commerce, Film and Catering were far more valuable. She is passionate about dancing and martial arts, loves cooking and gardening and dreams of studying patisserie in the most prestigious schools around the world.

Ranitea Sing

Jay Wanakore - team carer
Jay is a family man. His love of food led him and his beautiful wife Sarah on a journey to compete on the popular reality cooking TV series My Kitchen Rules NZ. Jay is now a published cookbook author, recipe and content creator, food presenter and cooking demo host. He has a background in TV production management and social media marketing and now oversees the full production and management of Fresh.

Jay Wanakore

Julia Dietz
Julia is originally from Germany where she studied International Information Management. After her graduation she moved to Paris to work in the Media industry for 8 years before coming to NZ in 2007. Since then she held various roles in and around different Media agencies with a 4 year stint at The Food Show where she met many interesting people and made lots of friends (hello Brigitte!). She loves meeting and talking to people which is probably why she has been in sales most of her life.

Julia Dietz

Chika Deane
Chika loves to sing in harmony — and to make fresh ingredients sing in the dishes she creates. She knows that beautiful harmony is achieved when each note is pure and in good health. And when the ingredients come together, the result will simply resonate with people from every corner and walk of life.

Chika Deane

Shaun Maxton - content team leader
Shaun is our lead content creator. After graduating from university, decided to head overseas and jump into his real passion – film. Shaun has a decade of experience in both the USA & NZ working with large clients such as LA Tourism and the LA Clippers NBA team. Shaun understands what it takes to bring video projects together. From there, he has helped many kiwis incorporate better video into their businesses. Aside from being an avid movie critic, Shaun loves all sports – with hopes to eventually graduate from being a strictly summer-only surfer.

Shaun Maxton

James Buchan
James is the latest addition to the Fresh Production team. When he's not shooting or editing for us, he is busy filming his own videos, specialising in snowboarding, surfing or skating. James usually won't eat anything spicier than salt & pepper, so hopefully working at Fresh will help broaden his food horizons a little.

James Buchan

Bev Adair-Beets - team mum
Bev has been involved in the entertainment and performing arts Industry for 23 years with a focus on the Music and Hip Hop industry. She has worked as a freelance talent /artist manager, producer, executive producer and a consultant on a wide range of key events at a National and International level. Her passion to see people reach their fullest potential has naturally led her into mentoring roles, using her experiences and developing her own training manuals, teaching personal development workshops and using the performing arts as a vehicle to help young people grow and reach their full potential, something she is passionate about.

Bev Adair-Beets

Murray Beets - team dad
Murray spent most of his working life in the Advertising Industry, starting in Newspapers & Magazines then moving into the Ad Agency environment, eventually starting up his own business. He later purchased a Delicatessen in Sydney and learnt very quickly about different ethnic foods as the business catered for 27 different nationalities. He is now part of the Fresh team and reconnects with elements from his past: a great team, a great product and great clients.

Murray Beets

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