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Campaign execution for high visibility and better results.

At Fresh, we know how to help your brand campaign effectively for wide brand exposure and sales results.
Every month we run run highly curated ad features in magazines and newspapers, for both recipes, and “Fresh Must-Haves,” where new and interesting content, ideas, and brands are contextually placed to appear together for maximum reach and effect.


Fresh holds one or two pages for select issues of Kia Ora magazine where we show how our clients’ products can be used in delicious, wholesome, and innovative recipes. We base this content around key events like Easter and Christmas, giving us a clear theme to follow. Fresh’s Kia Ora magazine recipe content also plays on Air New Zealand’s domestic screens, for a combined reach of around 1.3M people monthly. These campaigns achieve high visibility and cut-through, and often result in an increase in sales. Content is printed in the Kia Ora, and sometimes  other magazine titles, and shared and promoted across all our Fresh media platforms.


In addition to our recipe features, we also run a series called “Must-Haves” in every issue of Kia Ora Magazine. The Kia Ora Magazine Must-Haves focusses on the latest trends in food and related products, and is delivered on Air New Zealand’s domestic screens, as well as in print, on our website, and across our social and email channels, for a combined reach of more than 1.3M people monthly.


Fresh also curates and promotes Must-Have feature articles in New Zealand’s premier print media. Content is based around key events like Easter and Christmas, as well as special holidays like Waitangi and Labour Weekends, providing a clear theme for us to follow. The newspaper Must-Haves usually includes a give-away to help promote the featured content, and is always accompanied by a paid campaign spend to boost give-away numbers, and help drive engagement and awareness. Major titles like the weekend editions of the New Zealand Herald and the Sunday Star Times allow for great exposure of our clients’ products to the right demographic and target audience.


A new offering from Fresh is our digital billboard Must-Haves campaigns. Placed across more than 20 digital billboards nationally, in close proximity to large supermarkets, a Fresh billboard Must-Haves campaign ensures high OOH visibility at peak times. Because costs are shared between Fresh Family clients, the billboard Must-Haves campaigns are cost effective, and Fresh make it super-easy to participate in!

Campaign - Fresh must-haves billboard over a busy street


Like Fresh’s other Must-Have campaigns, radio Must-Haves brings together compatible and complementary brands to work together, share media spend, and benefit from the results. Radio offers an immediacy and reach into slightly different target audiences, depending on where the Must-Haves are placed.

Collaborative Sampling

Just as you need different ingredients and methods to create a delicious, wholesome recipe, bringing brands together for real-world product sampling also creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, crackers, ham, and relish are a perfect and natural fit, and working together they can achieve greater exposure, across more locations, for longer.

Campaign - Mother and kids opening the Fresh First box


We’re also working on an in-home sampling programme we call “Fresh First,” where our client’s products are collected together and sampled in one box. If you think on-demand meal kits meets Black Box, you’re in the right place!

With support from a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a mixture of print, digital and social, including a micro-influencer campaign, Fresh First is the perfect way to get your products noticed. We’ve trialled one and it was so successful we’re now working on making this a regular client offering, starting in 2024. To find out more, or to get your product inside the Fresh First box, contact us today.

Collaboration is the secret ingredient for success. Call now!

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