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Fresh’s media platform reaches over 2.5 million people a year.

A unique difference between Fresh Media and other agencies is that we have our own growing media platform: Fresh.

As a specialist food marketing business, we have built up followings on social media, the web, and an email subscriber list that allows our clients to talk directly to an invested audience who are seeking fresh ideas about food and food content. Our channels reach over 2.5M people aged 25 - 65 every year, with 84% being women (the ones who decide what goes in the supermarket trolley).

Having our own multi-channel media platform allows Fresh’s clients to reach this highly targeted and valuable audience, and promote themselves to engaged customers, in an environment that is free from competitors’ messages or other marketing noise. We are always working to grow it, so it offers even more value to both our audience, and to our clients.

No other advertising agency in New Zealand can offer this uniquely powerful media platform - it’s available to Fresh clients only! - Over 1M views per year

Fresh’s recipe website,, holds over 1200 video recipes and receives around a million views a year. Home to recipes for some of New Zealand’s premier food brands, the site allows us to promote our client’s products powerfully and effectively, and in the best situation possible - as they are being used to make the delicious dishes New Zealanders enjoy.

The site is now integrated with Shoppable, allowing customers to immediately click-through and buy online at Countdown, helping drive sales, and closing the marketing loop. The latest research from Chicory shows 88% of consumers use recipes, and 53% have added products to their online shopping cart after watching an online recipe. Around 51% are likely to purchase directly from food content, such as digital or video recipes, while 81% are likely to repurchase products from a past online order. This shows us that video recipes not only increases awareness, but also directly drive sales. Getting your brand into a video recipe on and integrating it with Shoppable will not only increase exposure and awareness, but will also help move your product off the shelves!


Fresh’s 14K email subscribers is one of our most valuable marketing assets. With an open rate of nearly 35%, Fresh’s email list is one of the most effective digital marketing tools available for New Zealand food marketers. Our audience is a “hot” database of invested, opt-in subscribers. Email marketing still offers a higher ROI than other digital marketing channels, and is a highly cost-effective and powerful marketing method when used creatively, and in combination with other channels.

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Fresh’s Facebook channel has over 30K followers, reaching 59K people monthly. We post content daily, including recipes, product promotions, competitions, give-aways, links, and more. This fantastic media asset offers us all the insights and analytics Facebook provides, and allows us to target audiences incredibly accurately and effectively.


Our Instagram channel has around 11.5K followers, and reaches around 50K people monthly. Like our Facebook channel, it’s closely focused on food. As a highly visual channel it’s perfect for promoting our clients’ products after we’ve cooked, styled, and plated them!

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Fresh’s YouTube channel has over 12K subscribers and 1100 video recipes. YouTube's user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google. The natural home for food and recipe searches, we’re currently working on a strategy to grow our subscribers significantly.


Fresh’s Pinterest attracts 600K monthly views. Only launched in (month) 2023, Pinterest is a new channel for Fresh, and we’re currently working on a growth and promotion strategy to dramatically increase our subscriber base.


Our TikTok page receives 150K views monthly. We’re currently working to increase the amount of content published to our channel. We believe TikTok represents a huge opportunity for both Fresh and our clients, and we are investing time to increase both our following and reach.

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