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Fresh and delicious content is absolutely critical for successful food marketing. It generates brand growth and increases sales.

According to Hootsuite, food content has generated around 51 billion views on YouTube, while “How to cook that” is a consistent top ten search phrase. Buzzfeed’s Facebook channel “Tasty” has over 105 million followers.

Food content creates a lot of engagement! We know exactly how important beautiful content is: our own channels feed over 30K followers on Facebook, 12K subscribers on YouTube, and 150K monthly views on TikTok.

At Fresh, we know how to make content that delivers both vital visual appeal, and compelling emotional engagement. Fresh content makes your brand a hero, and keeps your audience coming back for more.

From concept to campaign, we've got you covered.


We come up with Fresh campaign ideas and write Fresh scripts! If you're looking for campaign creativity, we know can help with ideas that motivate your customers and get your product moving off the shelves. We write scripts and other content for video, radio, social, print, and web.


We’re expert shooters with out own studio, and we can capture everything you need to tell your product story, from unboxing to plating, and everything in between.


Video is the King of food content. Over 82% of global web traffic in 2022 was video, and research shows arounds 78% of marketers say it helped increase sales. It’s not just recipes people want to see, either: a Nielsen study found 81% of people want to know more about how their food is produced, and 80% want to see the “story behind the scenes.” Video content is the driving force for building and growing food brands.
At Fresh, we can create multi-channel video campaigns that will increase customer engagement, and add depth, meaning, and sales to your brand.

At Fresh, we offer all aspects of video production, including writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, and motion graphics. We shoot on the latest digital cameras, and have our own kitchen studio. We can produce and shoot to any style, from a slick, television feel, to a rougher, more organic look for social.


Good strategy and decision making about media placement can help your brand push its investment further, and achieve better ROI. Fresh offers access to our own media platform of people actively seeking Fresh food content, but we’re also channel neutral - our media recommendations are always based on what’s best for our clients and their brands.

At Fresh we also organise and offer exciting co-labs where there is a good synergy of products, helping everyone extend their media spend and exposure. In New Zealand, Fresh is the only agency specialising in these kinds of co-labs, which in many cases also generate lasting and effective partnerships.

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