with other like-minded food brands.

Join the Fresh Family and multiply your marketing spend.

One of the most powerful aspects of working with Fresh is the chance to become part of our Fresh Family programme.

Fresh Family ensures you are exclusively represented in your category, and Fresh will not take on any competitors’ work. Being a part of the Fresh Family also provides you with the unique opportunity to work with other, compatible and complimentary brands, appearing in content together. The content is then shared across all our partners' platforms, resulting in fantastic and extended organic reach.

This special programme also means that production and media budgets are shared. This highly cost effective and collaborative way of working affords you greater and longer brand exposure than you might otherwise get on your own.

The chance to work with other, premium brands, and to share costs and marketing networks, helps ensure your brand stays current and at the forefront of consumers' minds. It also partners your product in ways
your customers will actually use, showing them imaginative but real-world applications and recipe ideas, and with Shoppable, buying is only a click away.

Being a part of the Fresh Family is incredibly easy! We will help you find the best partnerships for your brand. Fresh takes care of everything from production to media placement. Sharing costs and networks with

complementary brands lets you turn your marketing spend into a marketing multiplier, reaching more people, more effectively, than ever before.

Branded recipe ingredients together to make chilli prawn bao buns

Collaboration is the secret ingredient for success. Call now!

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