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We are specialists in FOOD CONTENT and we can do so much more!


At Fresh Media, we specialise in food, product, event and lifestyle image content.

Our home-like office space and studio allow for a range of areas to shoot in, but we are always happy to get out of our bubble and bring the studio to you.

Whether you are building a new website, need digital or print content or have something else in mind, get in touch and come meet the team.

Video content

Videos are a great marketing tool.

A great video can educate, entertain and increase brand awareness all at the same time.

They are a powerful way to spread your message in a form that is easily accessible to a large audience and allow them to connect with your brand on an emotional level. Because of that, videos are more likely to be shared than any other forms of media.

So don’t wait any longer! From food to corporate videos, social media videos or ads, we are experienced, easy to work with and we look forward to shooting your video!

Media Booking

With over 40 years combined Media experience, we have the right contacts and know-how to help you plan and book the right type of media and provider to suit your needs.

Depending on your commercial goals, our strategy may include a mix of traditional media and digital, all available at very competitive rates.

We work with most of New Zealand’s major media providers including - but not limited to - NZME, MediaWorks, Stuff and Are Media.

Fresh Friends

This unique concept brings together some of the best brands and products New Zealand has to offer with the aim for them to collaborate with each other.

This package gives you access to fresh monthly content featuring multiple brands appearing alongside each other as well as solo pieces. The content is then shared across all partners' platforms, resulting in great organic reach and your brand staying relevant and at the forefront of consumers' minds.

Visit for more examples.

The Release

‘Find it first on The Release, the latest and greatest.’

The Release is the hub of all things new and cool with bespoke video content available for each item.

In partnership with Fresh Media and other key Media brands, The Release will run on its own platforms but will also live across Media titles both in print and in the digital space.

The Release will provide captivating print with video content that is integrated with the functionality of being able to purchase products at the click of a button.

The goal is for The Release to become the ‘go-to’ for the latest 'must-have'.

We are also experts in finding and creating new partnership opportunities. So if you want to work with any of our partners or have a collab idea in mind but need help reaching out to potential partners, we are happy to help!

Here at Fresh Media, we create compelling and engaging content and help share it across multiple platforms for a competitive price. We help you make new friends on the way too!

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